Thursday, January 29, 2009

A lead generation site:

In class, Prof. Kagan talked about sites that help generate leads. I can't help but think of is a site that helps you monitor your finances (i.e. your bank account, credit cards, stocks, 401k). It will help you budget your spending, warn you when your credit card bills are due and most useful of all, it does all this automatically, even while you are sleeping. (Yes, you may think security issues...But with MS Money
and Quicken of the world getting more and more integrated with the internet, I would rather trust a website that specialize in handling accounts online.)

So how does provide all this service for free? The key is to separate users from customers. Users of are people that sign up on, importing their financial accounts. provides the users with the ability to track and monitor their spending and net worth.'s customers are not the same as the users. Their customers are companies such as banks and credit card companies that would pay to gain access to potential customers. Armed with the knowledge of a user's spending habits,, can in effect generate a comparison among bank accounts or credit card offers that would help users save money. If the user click through and sign up for an account, will be able to collect CPA.

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