Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"How Personalizing Voice Skills Can Give Your Brand a Digital Boost" - KF Blog #1

Voice is one of the hottest trends right now in digital marketing. In this Ad Week article, it states that “31 percent of digital marketers at Fortune 500 companies believe voice is the next big thing” and that “the market for smart speakers will hit $3.5 billion by 2020.” Amazon has Alex and the Echo, Google has the Google Home and Google Assistant, and there are many more companies trying to play in this upcoming space. These devices have become essentials in many households, and now brands are recognizing the huge opportunity there is to market products within this new voice activated world.

The article describes “skills” and “actions” that consumers can make with their voice devices. One example was “Ask Patron,” which is a way to help users find recipes to tequila cocktails. Zyrtec created AllergyCast which tells people the pollen count and other allergy related information for their day. I’ve seen these used by many media brands to promote new shows, and you can even do some cool marketing stunts by releasing easter eggs through this platform. In any case, this is a creative way to market to the next generation of consumers and to keep a brand top of mind. This is a creative way to interact with consumers on a level that we haven’t seen before.

The articles also goes on to give some guidelines on what makes a successful and impactful “skill” and how to actually go about doing this for your brand. They take a “crawl-walk-run” approach which I totally agree with. 

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