Tuesday, April 17, 2018

How Brands Are Justifying an Increased Need for Consumer Data


For marketing teams, the internet and other advances in technology have usually meant the ability to offer more personalized advertisements for customers. While connectivity has continued to increase, there has also been consistent backlashes against the loss of privacy with the each technological advancement. Especially in American culture, where independence is held as an integral part of society, the loss of personal privacy is not easily given up.

This article compares the loss of personal freedom for security with the consumer perspective of the loss of personal freedom for value; in many ways, this is a proper comparison. The issue with both security and value is that the extent of the cost to have each is not often understood by the recipient. Both require massive amounts of data to be effective and are seen as a positive, until the public finds out what they have to give up for them.

Marketing teams are continuously being faced with the prospect of offering a personalized online experience that strengthens the consumer's connection to the brand and facilitates sales. This must be done without a backlash from consumers with them feeling that the company is intruding on their privacy.

Consumers will continue want the convenience and value technology offers but companies and marketers must continue to find a way to personalize services without offending their clients, or offer enough value that the client does not mind the intrusion. As voice and other enhanced forms of interaction become more advanced, this will continue to be an issue that brands must face.

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