Thursday, April 19, 2018

How Digital Marketing Helps Real Estate

More and more real estate agents and brokers are using digital marketing to find the right target customer, create brand awareness and make a deal. So don't be surprised if you see an Instagram account promoting real estate projects - the battlefield has shifted. 

Although the report indicates that email marketing continues to be considered the most effective digital marketing tactic, growingly used tactics are the ones on social media. Using social media can help real estate agents and brokers to target more specific groups of audience, and also expand the influence onto a new group of people.

Right now, most agents answered that below 25% of clients were obtained through digital marketing. We have the belief that this ratio will go up as millennials start to purchase assets and digital marketing will be a more effective way to capture that opportunity. This is why in Q3, first-time homebuyers are the biggest group of target demographic.

Based on my experience, China is taking such practices to another level. Real estate brokers open their public wechat accounts and publish promotional pushes very frequently. Users can subscribe to their public accounts and get the information. Some individual brokers will set up wechat groups and send project information to a group of 300 people. Audience can also add their friends to the groups and that's when the broker identify new buyers.

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