Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Blog Post 10

Besides from continuously expanding in the US, tech giants have set foot already in emerging economies and are prone to rapidly expand in order to capture a unique market opportunity in several nations. Amazon, for example, has announced its expansion to countries such as Mexico and Chile, but on the hindsite, it quietly launched a “lite” version of its Android app for emerging economies especially where the broadband or internet are not good. The test country is India where users have limited space on their phones. The app allows users to access news and privately navigate, allowing the app not to store cookies and leverage space. This is not the first time tech giants develop pilot apps for emerging markets since Google has already launched Google Go, and Facebook did the same with Facebook Lite. This indicates that these companies are understanding their target population and testing the markets and actors involved in order to increase presence and make a sale.

Personally, and having heard other case studies such as M-Pesa in Africa or Messenger in India, I am fully convinced that emerging markets represent great market opportunities. Most people of all economic backgrounds currently have access to a phone and some are even browsing social media or making money transfers, depending on the needs and jurisdiction. In addition; considering that broadband might not be the same than in other developed nations, it is imperative to understand the features that make a difference in the gathering of information and final sale. This allows companies to anticipate change and be ready to capitalize on opportunities that might emerge from a social, political or economic perspective. The human being is constantly emerging. Mobile today is growing at exponential levels worldwide, and for this reason, the fact that this companies are slowly or quietly adapting to the environment is an opportunity, impressive, but at the same time, somewhat scary. This if you look at it from a local business’ perspective.
Source: https://techcrunch.com/2018/04/17/amazon-launches-a-lite-android-web-browser-app-in-india/

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