Monday, December 01, 2014

Cyber Monday Flips Marketing Script

The flood of Cyber Monday emails over the past week has been pretty staggering.  The ubiquity of the event can no longer be questioned.  Every company must have a strategy and offer meaningful deals.  At this point the actual structuring and marketing of Cyber Monday deals is pretty straight forward, and consumers have learned to hunt for the deals they have already had in mind.

Where Cyber Monday is interesting from a digital marketing perspective is in the post-Cyber Monday opportunities.  Traditionally marketers are tasked with finding potential leads and converting them into purchases.  They do this using the variety of tools that we have covered in this course.  However in this instance, many of the sales will represent a consumers first meaningful interaction with the brand.  Many customers will come specifically for the deal or product, and it thus becomes the job of the marketer to find ways to continue to engage these consumers after the sale has been made.  While the end goal is to continue to drive interaction between the brand and the consumer, the messaging needs to be different.  This is about expanding exposure to other products and features of the brand.  Additionally marketers have an excellent opportunity to create a new wave of brand ambassadors.  If they can offer a compelling purchasing experience and value to the consumer, and structure the proper social media incentive programs then those consumers will be inclined to share their purchase and promote the brand.  This is the exact wave of unpaid marketing that executives aim to capture throughout the year, and Cyber Monday represents the perfect storm for marketers to drive on that concept.

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