Monday, December 01, 2014

Snapchat Debuts New Ads

After announcing that they would begin partnering with advertisers, Snapchat rolled out a second advertising platform last week featuring a stream of posts from the American Music Awards sponsored by Samsung.

Through the "Our Story" feature users and advertisers can create multi-post streams of static pictures or live events. The "Our Story" content stream for the American Music Awards appeared in a newly added "Live Section", letting App users know the event was ongoing. The stream consisted of static snaps and videos. While the stream did say at times that it was sponsored by Samsung the idea was to make the feed more than art but less than a television commercial.

Snapchats addition of advertising services opens a new realm of possibility for companies to reach their consumers. In light of the fact that the platform focuses heavily on content, companies will need to work diligently to create posts that still capture consumers attention but do you come across as overtly advertising related.

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