Monday, December 01, 2014

UK set to be first country in which more than half of ad spend goes digital

According to Group M (WPP), the UK will be the first country in which over 50% of all advertising spend will be on digital properties in 2015. The Guardian reports that in large part this is due to those in the UK being early adopters and avid online shoppers. Additionally, this may have something to do with the TV and print media markets in the UK compared to other channels. Compared to countries such as the US, the UK markets are not quite as fragmented, potentially reflecting less, yet more valuable TV inventory available.

It looks like digital platforms will gain share of advertising spend next year at the expense of print. However, many of these print brands will still be increasing the revenue they get from ads on the digital front. It will be interesting to see which brands will be able to make this transition from print to digital most successfully and whether new players will emerge to eclipse more traditional media outlets.


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