Monday, December 01, 2014

Maximizing Twitter's Promoted Ad Products for Travel Brands

With 284 million monthly active users generating over 1 billion tweets every two days, Twitter is an essential platform to optimize for any travel brand. As mobile travel booking becomes the dominant booking strategy, Twitter‘s feeds pose high customer acquisition potential. Per research from Millward Brown, these engaged users are increasingly turning to twitter for travel in different ways:
  • 39% want to see tweets that will help them find new destination
    • 18% featured destination information
    • 17% new travel routes/hotels
    • 20% information on rewards/loyalty programs
  • 51% want to see Tweets that provide interesting travel related content
    • 30% funny/lighthearted content
    • 27% ideas/travel stories
    • 20% info about socially and environmentally responsible business practices
  •  62% want to see Tweets that will help them make a purchase decisions
    • 41% last minute deals
    • 30% contests or promotions
    • 46% discounts/deals exclusive to Twitter

 Twitter has three core promoted ad products to help travel brands reach their customers:

1.      Promoted Tweet
§  Increase reach, amplify conversation, drive engagement
2.      Promoted Account
§  Build your audience, drive engagement, grow brand  advocacy
3.       Promoted Trend  (Twitters version of a homepage takeover)
§  Drive mass awareness, seed conversation, build event buzz

Twitter also offers a suite of Twitter Cards designed to provide more engaging experiences for users and to help achieve advertiser’s objectives and KPIs.
o   Website Card
§  Designed for driving meaningful traffic back to landing page in a single click.
§  Brands are given opportunity to include rich imagery and a small blurb of what user will experience when they click off of twitter.
§  Customizable Click to Action (CTA) button.  
o   Lead Generation Cards
§  Gather name, email address and Twitter handle
§  User’s information is pre-filled
§  Lead Data stored in CRM tool or Twitter Ads UI
o   Promoted Video Card
§  Created to make it easier for users to view in-stream content.
o   Mobile App Promotion Card
§  Drive mobile app installs and app re-engagement
§  Cost per app click pricing
§  Drives to App store or Google Play

User Targeting

When a user tweets the keywords circled above, Wyndham can follow up with that user - effectively allowing them to engage with a potential customer.

TV Ad Targeting Product
  •  95% of online public conversations about live TV are taking place on Twitter
  •  Product allows brands to get in front of users who are actively tweeting and engaging in the brands they are watching
  • Can choose which networks, genres, TV shows relevant to your brand and can insert yourself into their conversation in real-time

 Direct Response Targeting Solution
  •  Web Approach: Discounted hotel room, can target people who have recently visited your website and retarget them with a discounted tweet
  •  CRM Approach: Lookalike or exclusion targeting
  •  Twitter ID approach: Allows brands to target users public info (bio, past tweets) to identify accounts on twitter which fall under their target audience

 To find out about how to measure efficient and effective Twitter campaign results watch the webinar here. 

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