Friday, February 23, 2018

6 Landing Page Mistakes that Hamper Your Email ROI

Even though email has the highest conversion rate and ROI compared to other digital marketing tactics, it is ineffective unless accompanied by a thoughtful, well-designed and relevant landing page. This is particularly important considering landing pages are often catered for each individual marketing campaign, as opposed to just leading you to the website homepage, which has a much lower likelihood of conversion.

Connecting an email campaign with a thoughtful, customized landing page is a critical component to success that can often go overlooked. There are common mistakes in these efforts that lead to the loss of customers at the point of sale, if not for good. The first is too many distractions - including irrelevant content or a myriad of images that overwhelm a customer and complicate the message/sale trying to be delivered. Another is having only a single landing page for multiple offers - this means more clicks and navigation before the customer can get to what they are really looking for, when the point of an email campaign is to make conversion as seamless as possible. Lack of optimization and poor mobile compatibility are yet more, and lead the customer to think they are dealing with a JV operation. Finally, slow loading time is a critical mistake that can lose a customer in a world where speed is constantly prioritized.

In a world where spam bots bombard individuals with a variety of meaningless offers, tying a targeted email campaign to a customized landing page is critical to gaining and maintaining customer attention. And in these efforts, companies must be cognizant of the above mistakes in order to make the process as seamless as possible.

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