Friday, February 23, 2018

Netflix's Deep Understanding of Its Customer

Not only does Netflix exhibit its skill in understanding its customer in the delivery of its product and service through customization of content for each individual user (to a stunningly accurate degree), it has been equally as effective and creative at using digital marketing techniques to attract and retain customers.

The benefits of content personalization are seen not only as effective measures to suck people into video content, but in improving the odds of a sale (or a larger sale) in online shopping, concert ticket buying, etc. While the tools used to do this can be expensive, there are other options on the market that are more affordable for newer firms with less resources to utilize and get creative.

Netflix's digital marketing utilizes an integrated multi-channel strategy that meets the customer where they are. Many other brands can take note of this - given the amount of time spent on social media, utilizing even non-sponsored posts can help you reach your customers with content that fits with the experience you want them to feel with your brand.

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