Friday, February 23, 2018

Is Google Chrome’s AD blocker good for everyone?

Google announced to block five kinds of advertisement on Chrome recently. It aims to upgrade the experiences of everyone.

Have you ever annoyed by some abusing advertisement? I do have some experiences with annoying advertisements. Once a while, I was working in a tech company with a lot of travel. One day, when I was checking my calendar for th planning of next week. I found I had the meeting appointment in a hotel of a different city. I was about to book the air-tickets and click the calendar item. Then I surprisingly found the meeting was arranged by a email advertisement. I can not imagine what the sequences if I bought the ticket and fly to that city on that day. Some advertisers did not even care about the experience of their target audience. So at this point, Google's new actions will definitely bring value to the users.

However, there are some advertisers complaining about the change. Putting myself in advertisers' shoes, I think there might be one thing Google chrome should explain more - how to define the annoying ads. Especially when Google itself was also a advertisement,  whether there will be double standard to different platforms will be tricky. The conflict of interest may put Google in a dilemma or even be claimed as monopoly. In my opinion, Google should provide more detail information to comfort advertiser and industry.

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