Friday, February 23, 2018

Digital Trends in Advertising

Key data points from the report: 
  • “Four out of five executives (81 percent) agree within the next two years, AI will work next to humans in their organizations, as a co-worker, collaborator and trusted advisor.”  
  • “Eighty percent of executives believe it will be important to leverage XR solutions to close the gap of physical distance when engaging with employees and customers.”
  • “Eighty-two percent of executives say their organizations are increasingly using data to drive critical and automated decision-making at unprecedented scale.”
  • “Seventy-nine percent of executives agree that organizations are basing their most critical systems and strategies on data, yet many have not invested in the capabilities to verify the truth within it.”
  • “Sixty-three percent of executives believe it will be critical over the next two years to leverage customer hardware and hardware accelerators to meet the computing demands of intelligent environments.”
  • “Eighty-three percent of executives agree that edge architecture will speed the maturity of many technologies.”
The above summary captures it all. These innovations will make, change and break our existing ad markets!

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