Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Adidas - Emotion and Experience through Digital

Adidas, like many other retailers, is attempting to leverage their digital platforms in order to connect with their customers and build sustainable relationships that last beyond a one-time purchase.  The key to building a relationship is evoking emotions from the customer, and Adidas believes digital platforms are the best way to foster this relationship.

One key highlight of the blog is that Adidas attempts to engage the "creator consumer". That is, Adidas wants their customers to co-create with the brand, rather than simply be fed products for purchase. This ties into what we learned in class Saturday as to how Product has been transformed by digital technology.

There are numerous benefits to Adidas leveraging digital platforms in this manner. Not only does the customer get to create the product they want specifically, but they purchase it directly from Adidas, as opposed to searching for another brand elsewhere or for Adidas products at a third party retailer. Additionally, this allows Adidas to see what the customers truly want, and as in the Lego example, they have the opportunity to mass produce a particular style or product if they see there's enough of a demand for it within their customer base.  In Adidas case, they even have same day pickup for some of these custom products in their London stores.  Finally, the greater the experience the customer has, the more likely they are to spread the word to friends, and these opinions are trusted more so than a typical marketing ad.

The digital battle for customers and retention between competitiors such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour will only continue to expand as the digital revolution continues. I'm interested to see the ways in which these brands can continue to leverage their digital platforms and create unique user experiences for their customers.

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