Thursday, May 18, 2017

Weibo now has more users than Twitter

Whilst Twitter is reporting less than stellar growth, China's version of Twitter, Weibo, is seeing the opposite.

Twitter currently has 328 million active monthly users whereas Weibo has 340 million, a 30% increase from last year, and is a popular platform for most mainland Chinese media outlets. Weibo has also seen a year on year increase of 67% in net revenue and, unlike Twitter, Weibo monitizes through e-commerce rather than advertising.

Considering that most western social media platforms are blocked in China (LinkedIn is the main exception), western companies wanting to reach out to a Chinese audience might want to tap into Weibo for brand exposure.

Weibo has been innovative in that they have created a live video streaming app, and partnered with e-commerce giant Alibaba, allowing merchants to turn their Weibo pages into a CRM platform where they can manage their marketing campaigns and accept online payments, increasing social shopping convenience for its users.

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