Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nike Manila - Attract Runner and Non-runners

Nike developed a new running track that allows user to compete against their digital Avatar.  The Avatar will continuously beat the individual's best lap time, which leads to challenging the runner to do better each time.  The Nike Unlimited Stadium is located in Manila, Philippines.  It is shaped as the latest sole print of Nike’s Lunar Epic footwear.   

There have been a lot of advertisements about the Nike Manila.  After doing a little digging, this stadium started in 2016.  It is only operated for 17 days and specific evening hours from 4-10PM.  It's that time again in 2017.  

This is encouraging the Filipino community to reach their unlimited potential along with supporting the innovations and the Nike+ community.  Along with the theme of reaching ones “unlimited” potential and the “Unlimited” stadium Nike in parallel launches the “unlimited” Colorway collection offering sportswear across running, training, and basketball.  Nike Manila also have events where athletes, and non-athletes, can signup to register and work with expert Nike Trainers. 

The impacts it will have on a typical customer would be capturing them into the Nike world.  It could enhance their use of electronic Nike apps, which would further expose them to digital ads produced by Nike, and therefore encouraging them to continue to buy with Nike.

Not only does Nike continue to attract runners, but non-runners will surely want to test the track too.  

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