Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Local Digital Marketing

The article describes “local digital marketing” and how local businesses can utilize different platforms (Facebook, mobile apps such as Snapchat , Instagram, and yelp) to compete with large chains and websites like Amazon and CVS. The article states four main areas for the local businesses to be successful in local digital marketing: using location-based advertising, leveraging delivery startups, create welcoming in-store experiences, and expanding to e-commerce channels. There are many concerns that big players such as Amazon are dominating the market and discouraging new businesses to grow. I have seen local coffee shops and stores asking to follow its Instagram and Facebook pages in newer shops yet not all the stores have set up advertising platforms. As a customer, I would like to see more local stores setting up these platforms and updating their websites.
Local businesses can use local digital marketing to provide services that Amazon cannot. Local businesses can easily see what local customers’ demands are and react to it faster than big corporate chains. I especially liked the article’s point of utilizing delivery startups for local businesses to provide “Amazon” like delivery services. I don’t think local businesses (excluding food services business) do not partner up with new startups enough to expand their business. As a consumer, if I am able to get same type of delivery services from a local business vs. big chain, I would be indifferent to use both services.

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