Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ukraine tweeting a 'Simpsons' GIF at Russia is peak 2017 politics

This article discusses Ukraine's Twitter post in response to a recent joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of France, Emmanuel Macron. When Putin mentioned that "queen consort of France from 1051 to 1060, was Russian". In response to the statement, Ukraine posted on Twitter a series of photos with corrected facts and a gif from Simpsons.

I found this article very interesting as widely used social media are impacting foreign affairs among countries. Most countries, politicians, and public figures (aside from celebrities) have official social media accounts. The usage of Twitter and other social media accounts allow people to feel politics as more approachable for people by providing prompt responses, along with usage of GIFs and other light-hearted responses. If used and communicated representatively, I believe politicians and countries using social media accounts can increase patriotic spirits among people.


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