Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Digital Video Ad Experience

We discussed briefly online versus TV advertising and these two articles somewhat dive deeper into the topic. I found these interesting because they provide two slightly different points of view on the topic and underscore the changing dynamic of commercial advertising. The first article discusses an improving view of advertising during online streaming video. The second article pits NBCUniversal against Google in terms of brand safety. NBC is claiming that their ads are superior to that of online because of the safety and quality they maintain when compared to those experienced online.

NBCUniversal’s chairman of advertising sales, Linda Yaccarino maintains that, “Television is the most effective advertising means there is,” ...“You know it and our friends in Silicon Valley know it.”

The study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) may suggest that consumers are not that off-put by brand safety and online advertising. In the survey conducted by the IAB an interesting change from 2015 to 2017 respondents shows that 34% of consumers surveyed felt that Ads experienced during shows that are streamed are better than those experienced during regular TV. This number is up 11% from 2015, indicating a growing appeal of online advertising compared to regular TV. I think one part of this increase might be due to the improving ability to target specific viewers with specific advertisements, something that TV can only do to a limited extant with their broadcast advertising. NBC may be correct that TV is still king, but this 2 year trend in online advertising will be interesting to watch in the near future.

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