Friday, May 19, 2017

Content Delivery and Alignment with Consumers

The article above demonstrates the importance of aligning organic paid search strategy with customer behavior - for example, the article cites statistics that state search queries with purchasing intent are 6x more likely to display four ads. Therefore, it is important in SEO marketing / brand pursuit to be fully aligned with consumer intent in order to maximize marketing efficiency. That means that when a customer searches online for a given product or service, the brand is much more likely to succeed if they understand why the customer is searching.

Customer "journey's" have in fact evolved significantly over the past 5 years given the progression of technology, the power of internet search, and the increased adoption of mobile. Marketers now have the challenge of making a very clear path from the initial customer search to final purchase - against the backdrop of ever increasing competition and investment in sales and marketing.

Understanding intent means knowing what customer's really desire when entering a search query. What information are they looking for? How will they then use the information once they find it? Content creation is now more than ever before based on data. Creation of content and intertwining that with SEO can produce powerful affinity results when used effectively. Articles, videos, funny youtube clips can help you capitalize on trendy topics and win over customers.

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