Friday, May 19, 2017

Personal Branding @ The Player's Tribune

A can't recall exactly when it was when I first stumbled upon an article on The Player's Tribune; It may have been Kevin Durant's decision to leave OKC to sign with the Warriors. Regardless, I have always admired the unique idea of giving the athlete's the pen to tell their story so that it is not misinterpreted or misrepresented by a reporter. Although this may not qualify as traditional marketing, I feel that this is a tremendous way for athlete's to endear themselves to fan's, which makes them even more MARKETABLE to the corporations looking to sign up a spokesperson who may have influence over the general public.

The Player's Tribune was actually launched by Yankee legend Derek Jeter back in October of 2014, well before the KD article I mentioned. Since launch, there have been hundreds of articles penned by athletes, many of which provide a level of access that into the mind's of the players that has never before been mass marketed. The success of the site has driven its own digital marketing example with brands such as Porsche signing up for online ads.

I think this was a great idea and win-win for everyone involved, including the athletes that choose to leverage the platform, Jeter, and of course us sports nerds who enjoy the insight.

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