Sunday, May 21, 2017

E-Sport : The New Arena For Marketers

Sports In The Digital World

Internet has taken gaming to a whole new level. E-Sports is a form of competition which is supported and facilitated by electronic and digital system. Virtual "athletes" from all over the globe compete in a multiplayer video game competition. Global E-Sports audience have grown rapidly, with 115M audiences and 256M fanbase. E-Sports market in 2015 was valued at $750M, with an expected future growth generating nearly $2 billion by 2018.

In a single Major League Game competition the accumulative prize pools is over $10M. Alibaba has injected high amount of investments in over 1,200 Chinese E-Sports events in the past year. Big names like Coca-Cola, Intel, Nissan, Doritos has also followed this movement by sponsoring teams, displaying ads, and funding competitions. E-Sports, with its explosion in growth, is definitely a place for marketers to keep an eye on.

Dota 2 competitions where skilled gamers compete.

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