Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mobile-Only Internet Users Surpass Desktop-Only Users in Italy

According to a comScore's data, the number of smartphone-only and tablet-only users (9.3 million) surpassed the number of desktop-only users (9.1 million) for the first time in Italy in March 2017.  Several categories such as news, retail, sports and categories that require low user interaction have showed increased mobile-only consumption in the last seven months.  However, desktop users in categories that require data input such as retail or finance make up approximately 35% of total users which is relatively high according to the article.  eMarketer predicts retail ecommerce via mobile phone will increase over time.      

It is important for all companies around the world (not just Italy) to ensure they evolve with the consumer and have mobile-friendly websites.  Over time, consumers will become more comfortable inputting detailed data on the small screens of smartphones (vs. desktops), and making purchases or financial decisions via the phone will become a normal way of transacting.  Technology has transformed the way of doing business for not only large institutions, but also the individual consumer.  A cohesive digital marketing strategy is imperative to provide consumers with a seamless experience and increase the probability of companies making sales.


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