Saturday, May 20, 2017

Content Curation Always Matters For Business Growth

This article shed light on how the internet giants Tecent and Alibaba attract both marketers and consumers. Two big phenomena currently exist in China – domestic consumption increase and high demand for digital video.  

If we still recall the success of streaming video service provider Netflix and Hulu, then it’s not hard to understand why Alibaba and Tecent are competing against each other through their online video platforms by providing distinguished content. Such unique video content generates heavy traffic daily, which has seen increasing subscriptions and provides a profitable platform for marketer to place ads.

On a deeper level, this strategy is aligned with content curation which makes marketing success impossible without it. The key element of content curation is not producing infinite information; instead, valuable and relevant ones. Think about how we are inundated with unlimited information each day and how we are trying to avoid most of it. Only those content with a purpose will stand out and retain consumers because they find values in it. In other words, when marketers curating content, they first need to understand what the audience really need, identify their problems and challenges through research and then strategically produce content that are relevant and valuable to them. By doing this, there is a higher chance to raise brand awareness and convert leads into consumers.

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