Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lack of Consensus on KPIs for Digital Campaigns in Europe

Based on survey results, there are some differences in opinion between brand marketing executives and agency professionals on which KPIs are most important in France, Germany and the UK.  For example, in the UK, marketing ROI and website visits were agency respondents’ most commonly used success metrics and brand executives value conversion rates and shares or “likes.”

It was interesting to observe that 1) brand executives and agency professionals still do not agree on key success metrics after years of experience and 2) different countries value different KPIs.  To help improve the brand-agency relationship, agency professionals must be open-minded when talking about KPIs with their clients and be ready to discuss the pros and cons of different metrics.  Every client has different marketing campaign goals and all should work together to define success.  Also, depending on which country the client is based in, agency professionals should acclimate to its client's way of doing business.


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