Saturday, May 20, 2017

Will trained IBM Watson change the advertising industry?

Will soon computers take on the roles of human? In the last 90 years, Hollywood industry has certainly leverage on the topic of Artificial Intelligence to produce many top box office movies such as Star Wars, Avatar, Terminator, Matrix, A.I., Blade Runner and many more. But it is in this century that society is collecting the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Machine learning has been changing many industries that we thought that couldn’t survive without humans being in the driver seat. The financial industry is in a transformational cycle where algorithmic trading is replacing traders from its old fashion trading floors. New investments funds are arising with event driven strategies. The transportation industry is being disrupted with driverless cars from Tesla and shared economy service providers like Uber.

Now is the advertising industry also susceptible to such disruption? Creating an advertising requires understanding of people. Based on traditional wisdom, humans can only be understood by other humans that experiment similar feeling. Is that right? Interestingly, Mirai, Toyota’s car of the future, advertising campaign was written by IBM’s super computer Watson. This computer scan the internet to find words that appeal to potential buyers of the car which are new technology adopters including psychologists and scientists.

The article below talks in more detail about the creation of Mirai’s campaign.

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