Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Internal Challenges of SEO

This Forbes article written by Bryan Phelps, Founder and CEO of an agency named Big Leap - which helps companies evolve through digital marketing - provides good detail into the challenges SEO professionals face within a company given how the industry has evolved in recent years.

It's interesting to note that being an SEO professional went from being more of an individual effort focused on low quality tactics, into a total team effort in conjunction with other departments.  Low quality tactics designed to have websites listed first have been rendered obsolete given how Google is constantly tweaking and improving its algorithms, as shown in the examples we saw in The Search.

While this may seem like an inconvenience given the article and it's reflections on the challenges an SEO will face, I believe these shifts will make an SEO professional at a company a more highly regarded and valued position at a company.  Given the amount of collaboration required from other departments, they will see that it is not as simple of a task as it may seem from the outside (I was guilty of this myself).  Not only that, but there will also be enhanced synergy between these departments due to the teamwork involved, and the company's digital marketing as a whole will likely be more successful, given the interaction and knowledge of what each branch is attempting to accomplish on their own platforms.

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