Friday, April 01, 2016

Ad-blocking racket kills $32B display advertising business?

Before add blockers were developed, I remember being constantly annoyed with the endless random pop ups that would inundate my online experience.  Add blockers have significantly decreased the annoyance factor of unwanted ads and improved user experiences online.  However, have ad blocks gone too far in blocking display ads?  Rather than ad blockers making the decision as to what ads should reach consumers, shouldn't the consumer make the decision?  Consumers should have ability to define what is acceptable to them.  

The ad blocking industry should be regulated in order to give consumers and publishers the ability to chose the type of content they want to receive and promote.  Consumers are losing out on content, their favorite Web sites are in jeopardy, and the industry is suffering from it.  Excessive ad blocking results in overly aggressive advertising as publishers do everything they can to reach the consumer.

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