Thursday, April 21, 2016

What's Next in Mobile Advertising?

All of us are glued to our cell phones -- and for marketers, that means big opportunity. As mobile continues to become a more significant part of advertising budgets, it’s an important area to watch.

1.Content marketing will improve the mobile marketing experience: "With the rise of ad blockers, marketers are starting to think about how they can improve the whole advertising experience for users, especially those on mobile devices,” says Sloan Gaon, the CEO of PulsePoint, a programmatic advertising company. “Poor mobile advertising experiences are an issue that content marketing can solve for. Content marketing can drive real value as part of a user's mobile experience by providing information that a consumer wants to engage with. If the content is valuable to your target consumer, then your mobile ad will be valuable.”

2. Instead of BIG data, it’s about accurate data on mobile -- and this data will be coveted: At the beginning of the holiday shopping season, Google began offering marketers data related to how their ads drove in store traffic. Location data will play an increasingly important role in 2016.

3. Video on mobile is growing, and targeting by location is key: “While video and mobile are certainly primed to grow next year, video advertising on mobile is still relatively new and in a growth phase. Next year, this trend will continue, but I don’t see it rising tremendously,” said Hillel Scheinfeld, COO of interactive-video marketing company Viewbix. “Overall, I expect to see more advertisers exploring with videos inside apps and using location and geo-targeting to reach consumers more effectively on their mobile devices.

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