Thursday, April 14, 2016

Twitter Moments Allow SoundCloud Playlists

Twitter's Moments feature has been upgraded to offer users a source of tweetable playlists through SoundCloud.  The SoundCloud integration has been available since 2014 within Twitter's Timeline but now the integration is available in Twitter's Moments feature as well.  Curators such as music websites like Stereogum and Vice's Thump can now create and share Moments containing SoundCloud's audio cards - music tracks embedded in a tweet.  The cards are a special format that lets curators attach music or any other audio content to a tweet.  When a user clicks on the "play" button, the content starts streaming.   The new feature allows curators to access 125 million tracks in SoundCloud's database.  Twitter's Moments highlight the day's most talked about stories, and only a select group of partners can craft Moments instead of the general user base.  Some commentators wish everyday users can create Twitter Moments of their own like a list of their favorite songs, which could be in lieu of "tweetstorms".   This new feature could be huge for Twitter to increase its user base and re-engage with lapsed or casual users.


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