Monday, April 18, 2016

Interactive Mobile Ads - Even Better Than Building Your Own Pizza

With demand for mobile marketing increasing, mobile ad startup Adtile appears poised to benefit. Adtile produces motion ads which take advantage of a smartphone's GPS, gyroscope, motion coprocessor, accelerometer and digital compass on both Android and iOS.  Instead of simply tapping an ad or clicking to watch a video, Adtile ads immerse the marketer into the user experience by asking consumers to shake, turn or otherwise interact with the ads.  For example, Adtile did work for a coffee chain that required the user to shake their phone, filling up a cup with coffee in the process. Once the cup was full, Adtile, using location data from Yelp, showed a map with a list of nearby stores.

Adtile says it motion ads have an average engagement rate of 30%, a participation time of 23 seconds and an average CTR of 5%.  The company has continue to expand its technology by branching out into virtual reality and by developing a product called Air Pencil, a tool where the consumer treats his or her phone as a device for drawing in the air (see link to YouTube video below).  Adtile's new mobile software platform, Adtile VR, allows users to experience virtual reality on smartphones without the need for special equipment.  This VR software is easy-to-use, smooth and natural for real-time motion simulations.  By incorporating Adtile VR into native or web-based applications, users can "explore" the digital space by turning left and right and looking up and down, using touch controls to interact.

Adtile uses algorithms using smartphone sensor technology to accurately capture the scale and sensitivity of motion.  Its blend of short-range, arms-length gestures with medium to long-range motions allow for accurate physical movement in virtual space.  This technology allows users to have a real connection with their surrounds via their smartphones.  Additionally, Adtile has been given approval by the USPTO for its patent on "multiple panel touch user interface navigation" and Adtile is partnering with Singapore Press Holdings to offer motion ads as part of SPH's mobile campaigns.  Adtile appears to be uniquely positioned to help users interact with brands via mobile.

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