Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hamburger Helper #WATCHTHESTOVE Goes Viral

On Friday April 1st, Hamburger Helper released a five track mixtape called "Watch the Stove" and it went viral immediately.  The mixtape garnered 432m social impressions and 4m plays on SoundCloud by the following Monday.  This is a great example of a large consumer brand using relevant content to engage with its audience.  The General Mills brand decided to create the mixtape after listening to fans on Twitter, where it often commented on hip hop news.  Hamburger Helper has an audience of mothers and millennials, specifically young men who make it in their college dorm rooms. Given this, the brand's Twitter account caters to its millennial male target audience. Some people felt that because the album was released on April Fools it was supposed to be an April Fools' joke.  A company spokesperson commented "We just figured our audience would be ready for laughs. It was Friday, vibes were good, people were happy and excited. It was really just a matter of when our audience was ready to hear this."  Hamburger Helper worked on the album since last August, which is proof it wants to be "authentic and real with millennials." Take a listen because I guarantee you can't help love the album too.  I think other brands can learn from this Hamburger Helper campaign, specifically how to stay engaged with target audiences through social media and use new, fun, creative marketing ideas to stand out from other brands.  

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