Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why aren't people buying on mobile?

After class last week, I thought I would take a look into why people really aren't making purchases on mobile, instead preferring to research and browse on mobile, but switching to desktop, tablet, or even brick and mortar to make the final purchase.

After reading a handful of articles...

Here's what I think:
  1. Your website's mobile functionality just isn't that great - Sure, on a desktop, I can view your product from every angle and spin it around in 3D.  On mobile, I'm looking at a part of a box, with no way to scroll because your display frame doesn't support that.  Mobile shopping experience, over.
  2. Payment information is difficult to collect on the go - You know what's worse than writing a check to pay?  Trying to make a purchase on my train ride, while I juggle my phone, wallet, credit card, briefcase and coat.  Oops, did my shopping cart just reset while I was in that tunnel?
  3. More is not always better, particularly when it comes to information - You're ultimately pushing your customers into a state of analysis paralysis.  Sure, seeing the latest customer reviews are great, but wait, did that just say that there's a faulty power supply in that new TV I was looking at?  Hmm...maybe I'll think about that one a bit more.
Not to fear, fellow marketers, there's always the tablet...or is there?

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