Thursday, April 14, 2016

Marketers Find You at 2:00am

Traditionally, advertisers market to consumers during the day.  According to studies, 70% of marketing emails are sent during "normal" hours while 30% during off-peak hours.  The typical online marketing pattern has been posting to social media in the morning, at lunch time and at night when people leave work.  However, mobile and social media advertising are testing a new approach:  late night.   Marketers are posting advertisements across youtube, facebook, instagram, etc. in the "after hours" in an attempt to get in front of people when they do not have the usual distractions that they face during the day.  Additionally, studies have indicated that people are more prone to make purchases late in the evening.  Marketers are also testing the concept of advertising to people before going to sleep, in an attempt to persuade them to take actions upon waking.  For example, Taco Bell is testing breakfast advertisements in the evening to see if they can break into the morning routines of people.

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