Saturday, April 02, 2016

Canvas Ads

Facebook has been touting its new Canvas ads as strong opportunity for advertisers to connect using rich content that provides an immersive experience for potential customers. Facebook has given case studies that demonstrate higher user engagement with these ads and improved conversion metrics.

I am not convinced canvas ads are worth the effort for small businesses. First, they require 10x the content than a simple picture with text. Second, canvas ads create a purgatory between not engaging and clicking through an ad. They do offer an opportunity to display more content to a person who would not have clicked through a basic display ad, but they also might provide sufficient content for someone who would have otherwise click through and no longer needs to learn more.

It is not surprising that facebook wants to keep customers on their platform, but until selling products on facebook is a more seamless experience, I am weary of the opportunity provided in the direction canvas ads are going in.

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