Friday, April 01, 2016

Video ads are coming to Facebook Instant Articles

Get ready for video ads in your Facebook Instant Articles. With video having such popularity as of late, the social network has acknowledged that video advertisements are coming.
As you may recall, Instant Articles are a way for publishers to put their content within Facebook for a seamless user experience that doesn’t cause delays, especially on mobile. Instant Articles encourage publishers to promote their content and use their own advertising; Facebook gives them 100 percent of the revenues if sold directly (or 70 percent if sold via Facebook). With its launch to all publishers in less than two weeks, it’s sweetening the deal and encouraging publishers to place video ads into every published piece.
Facebook will support autoplay and user-initiated video ads, as well as pre-roll advertising. Sound will be disabled by default. The company assumes that integration of video ads in Facebook Instant Articles may increase ad impressions by 20 percent.

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