Thursday, March 31, 2016

Donald Trump's Contribution: Twitter Launches a 136-page Manual for Politicians

NPR reported that Donald Trump help launch a 136-page expansive manual specifically for politicians by Twitter to reach their electorate directly and effectively:

From questions concerning What is Twitter? to What to Expect After You Tweet?, Twitter responds to their 140 character statement with a 140 page document. It clearly shows the importance of Twitter as a platform for messaging and change. At the very least, Twitter is here to stay.

Donald Trump has given Twitter what every company wants: free marketing. Its a mutually viable experience. Not only is Twitter benefiting from becoming a political vehicle for constant messaging, politicians are reaching a whole new electorate. With an average of 5-10 tweets a day, Donald Trump is staying relevant in news, attacking opponents and baiting his followers with sensationalism. Twitter gives politicians an ability to handshake with millions of supporters through carefully crafted messages. Tweets act as sound bites for major news outlets and there are considerable network effects from retweets and replays. It also allows politicians to chisel their message down to its essence so their followers can digest and understand what their leaders are trying to convey without lengthy discourses.

Twitter humanizes the politician. It politician is a person who eats ice cream and tweets about foreign policy. It also gives the followers a chance to reply, comment and debate with their leaders, something that was impossible even a decade ago. Conversely, if you're not a politician who can genuinely tweet about his or her life and political agenda, you risk alienating your constituents.

Politicians have multiple Twitter channels for them to spread the message. They can use text, pictures, short videos in combination or individually to figure out the highest impact. Brevity is the wit of soul is most relevant on Twitter when you as a leader is trying to reach millions. The message can't just be informational and relevant but also genuine. And its up to the leader to figure out what digital tool will best accomplish that goal. Donald Trump recently compared Ted Cruz's wife to his' for a campaign to malign Heidi Cruz. Without going into the ethics and morality debate, Trump accomplished his goal to keep his followers engaged and his opponents on guard. It was the single most retweet-ed picture of that day. As they say in politics and is clearly true for Donald Trump, no marketing is bad marketing.

Hashtag phenomenon is another Twitter tool that has become its own living organism. Its the quickest way to aggregate information under key words. Politicians use them to direct their followers to something that's trending or happening live. It gives emotions life on-the-spot and bridges the gap between a leader and the younger generations. Examples #Lyin'Ted #Runnerup #JustCan'tWin . Itss critical that the politician chooses the right keywords and the right number of tweets in a day to be effective. It could make or break his or her campaign.

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