Monday, March 21, 2016

Tru TV Launches Social Campaign to Help Viewers Find Games - And Make Fun of Themselves

In a tradition beginning to rival the games themselves, viewers across the country are once again turning to social media in their efforts to find Tru TV - an unlikely home of March Madness - on their dial.

Tru - supposedly a humor brand at this point - is responding to a slew of sarcastic and/or angry tweets from confused viewers looking to find basketball on the only 4 days per year that the former Court TV airs it.   Through humorous and self-aware responses (tagged with #truTVisAThing), Tru generated 276 million social impressions on the first day of the tournament, a gain of 39% vs. last year.

The "Tru" test, pun intended, will be whether the millions of new viewers the channel gains during March Madness come back to Tru for their regular schedule post-basketball.   In prior years, they have not.

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