Wednesday, March 23, 2016

HBD Twitter: You’re One in a Million

It seems harmless enough to blog about … a blog.  A recent post on Mashable from Lance Ulanoff discusses his history with Twitter and other digital platforms.  He recalls always that ‘well-timed quips or jokes’ were a skill when he was growing up – and that hasn’t changed much in today’s marketing world.

When compared to other sites like Facebook, Vine, or Snapchat, Twitter offers users (and therefore marketers) the opportunity for instantaneous reactions.  He also implies that due to the fast response, these often are the most candid insights.

Coming up on ten years in the marketplace, Twitter’s success has come not necessarily from the everyman but from celebrities, marketers and brands.  But it’s not a platform for conversation – it’s more a one-way communication tool - and difficult to debate with, especially at 140 characters at a time (unless you’re Kanye).

Ulanoff describes Twitter’s prowess comes from its ability as a platform for commentary and statements, and users should understand both what it is … and what it is not.  As digital marketers, we should take note of this fine branding opportunity, but we shouldn’t fool ourselves into considering Twitter to be a dialogic channel.

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