Wednesday, March 30, 2016

More Lobster (not the Lobster you are thinking)

I discovered a new advertising product (well, new to me) called Lobster, which is a marketplace for buying and selling user generated ad content.  I came across the article below that announces Lobster  integration with Facebook, allowing Facebook users to sign up with Lobster to sell their content to advertisers.   I thought about all the pictures I post and how with a simple hashtag I could license them out if I wanted to (I did not know a concept existed).  I think the concept is pretty neat for social media users but also for advertisers looking for affordable alternatives to finding creative content for digital campaigns.  This alternative will be something I plan to evaluate for Seashells, the company I am working with for the digital marketing project.

Here's a few specifics as to how Lobster-Facebook integration works:

1) Facebook users sign up with Lobster to have their Facebook photos marketed on the platform
2) Advertisers browse the photos to license them at $2/piece or on a subscription basis.
3) Majority of the commission goes to the content creator and a small fee to Lobster.

Lobster recently expanded to YouTube videos at $7/video license.

More info on Lobster:

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