Saturday, August 12, 2017

Adaptive or Responsive Mobile Site...

There are primarily two ways in which the mobile websites are designed  to serve the customers -Adaptive or Responsive. An adaptive site is one which identifies if the user is accessing the web page via a mobile device and displays the appropriate mobile size. Adaptive sites generate a different page baaed on the user's device, irrespective of the browser size. Whereas in the case of responsive site, the sites respond to the change in the size of the browser irrespective of the device being used.  Responsive sites allow optimal browsing no matter the screen size and usually expensive to design.

Sometimes, a website can make use of both these elements and is called RESS (Responsive with Server Side Elements). For example, is a perfect example of this kind of website.

The applications of the two methods vary and the choice can be made based on the type of site required. Responsive sites are usually slower as compared to adaptive sites and hence, could be a key factor in mind when speed is the prime focus (e.g. website used to check train, flight schedules). While selecting the procedure it is extremely important to keep the user preferences in mind. Adaptive sites are better for companies with budgetary constraints as these are relatively cheaper. The techniques vary and all the important factors should be kept in mind before designing any solution. 



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