Saturday, August 05, 2017

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Imagine you're a flight test engineer and your job is to test a new engine on a passenger jet. You have to stay airborne for 18+ hours and it doesn't matter where you go. Speaking from personal experience being involved with tests like these, they can understandably be quite tedious. Anything you can do to break the monotony without sacrificing test results is most welcome. So it's not all that surprising that the test conductor who came up with the flight plan for a recent Boeing 787 test flight had a little fun when it came to filing the flight plan.

What's more interesting is the massive public response. This action was most likely done at a very low level. Someone was bored and it cost nothing to be a little creative. But the result was very public. The aircraft's flight path was beamed real-time to a number of flight tracking websites and the story quickly went viral. What started as just a way to pass the time turned into a huge PR win for Boeing. For free.

While you might not have an 18 hour flight coming up for your company, think about what you could do to spice things up around the workplace. You might find that adding a little creativity can go a long way to sparking a ton of free publicity in a day and age where information travels far and wide for free, people just have to be interested or enjoy what you're sharing.

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