Saturday, August 05, 2017

Well Call Me a Monkey's Uncle...Who Saw This Coming!?!?

Whelp, that happened, and I guess that it was only a matter of time before it did, digital advertisers have officially thrown down the gauntlet in acknowledging that they will stop at nothing to get your eyeballs on their ads. So starting in early July, Facebook started to roll out display formats within the previously ad-free app, giving brands a way to be front and center for Messenger’s 1.2 billion users, while also giving Facebook a new place to continue scaling its massive advertising business.

Lucky us!

Now when you are just trying to send a message to your buddy about plans for tonight, you will be bombarded by ads. I for one, can’t wait!!

Oh, and it gets better! When asked if Facebook plans to begin reading messages between users for better targeting—much like Google has done for years with Gmail—the company said it doesn’t plan on it. Thank goodness for this! Facebook has proven to be such a trustworthy and respectful when it comes to their user’s privacy. They are probably able to say, with a straight face, that they aren’t planning on beginning to read messages because they already have been since the beginning!

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