Friday, August 11, 2017

Google loves advertising revenue, but hates annoying ads as much as you do

Google is standing up for those of us who are annoyed by pop-up ads and other obnoxious forms of advertising as a part of the Better Ads Standard group that is reaching out to publishers who show "annoying, misleading, or harmful" ads. Google has pledged to block these types of ads starting next year on the Google Chrome browser - they are currently going through the process of testing which websites would be impacted and publishers including Betty Crocker, The New York Daily News, TV Guide, and Forbes have been found to be violators. Google clearly isn't opposed to advertising but they are committed to helping advertisers get their message out in a less annoying (and ideally Google-sponsored) manner. It will be interesting to see if the web browsing experience does improve next year when Google's block begins.

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