Friday, August 04, 2017

Amazon stealthily gaining in Search

Amazon is not longer just a powerful retailer, it is creeping into the Search budgets of major advertisers at the expense of Google. There pitch is warming to advertisers and has two main components:
- Currently many people assume that Amazon plays at the bottom of the marketing funnel -- when the consumer is ready to buy. However, Amazon allegedly suggests that 55% of product searches start on Amazon, trying to prove that they have a role to play in upper funnel activity as well.
- For years marketers had little return on investment metrics to cling to, but that was changed with the onset of digital marketing. Now a retailer-based search can deliver not just micro-conversions such as click through or impressions, but the full purchase completion. Amazon may have low search volume compared to the behemoth, Google, but it has a compelling ROI story.

It is also important to note that Amazon is not alone. and search platforms are also gaining traction with advertisers. In fact, these retailers are even incentivizing distribution volume targets with investment into their platform, with the pitch that this will drive consumers to convert online first.

Amazon increasing power

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