Saturday, August 05, 2017

Design considerations for Mobile

We've discussed in class about how 2015 may have been the year that mobile became more impactful than desktop web experiences. Google will soon be confirming this by weighting the quality of the mobile version of a webpage more heavily than any other metric. Mobile versions of your webpage will soon become the default version used in Google search rankings. With that in mind, web development focus will shift to a mobile-first strategy if it hasn't already.

This article gave a few good pointers for helping make your website more compatible with the mobile experience. A quick summary of the themes:
- Include a table of contents
- HTML Headings
- Expandable content
- Tabs
- Filters
- Summary, Highlights, TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)
- Bullet points
- Bold / Italic Text
- Highlight important points

The basic premise across the board is to eliminate the fluff. The mobile experience has to be concise, easily sortable, impactful content because the mobile user doesn't have the time or capability to consume/sort through large amounts of information.

This approach towards developing your mobile content will actually benefit your desktop web development as well. If you develop the streamline version of your app first, you really have to prioritize what's important which becomes a good framework to build out your desktop page.

Developing Your Mobile Content

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