Friday, August 11, 2017

Voice & AI: The Next Frontier of Brand Marketing

Here’s What You Need to Know About Voice AI, the Next Frontier of Brand Marketing

When Tim Reis spoke to us a few weeks ago, he left us with a quote from Google co-founder (and billionaire) Larry Page: "Imagine a world with no keyboards". Tim was saying what happens when all of us have voice activated devices in our homes- what happens then to advertisers? This article is a great preview of just that and discusses how marketers could be ok.

A few key points of this article that I found really interesting:

*Combining the specifics of voice search (ie: telling the device exactly what you are looking for) and what the device already knows about you (from linked browsing and social media data) will allow for more personalized and targeted ad opportunities

*we have learned that brands look to be in the top 5 of search results; how does that change for voice devices? Will we really listen to 5 advertisements? This will drastically change how advertisers thing about result ranking AND likely lead to increased bidding amounts for the top 1-2 places in results.

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