Thursday, August 03, 2017

UGC via Mixed Reality

One of the most cost effective ways to push a digital marketing strategy is to have your target audience create shareable moments and have them do additional advertising for you.  In conjunction with the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Trigger helped Sony implement a mixed reality strategy with an emphasis on sharing, which allows fans to place a virtual Spider-Man hanging onto the walls in pictures you've taken, that automatically include #SpiderManHomecoming in the corner.

I think this is a very smart marketing strategy, especially given that it takes into account contemporary teens and young adult's love of sharing everything they are doing with their friends, especially via photos.  It not only reaches the target demographic, but does so in an effective way. Moreover, not only is this a cost effective strategy, but once the word of mouth spreads and someone sees a photo such as this on a friends' page, their interest may become piqued as well, and they may either download the app in order to create their own AR experience, or have a newfound trigger to go see the movie.  As we have learned, recommendations from friends have a stronger affect than most other forms of advertisement.  Therefore, I certainly believe it is important for marketers to not only engage their audience, but do so in the way these marketers have, and coerce some shareable UGC out of them.

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