Saturday, August 05, 2017

Google Is About to Offer Publishers a Feature Similar to Snapchat’s Discover Stories

Looks like a another digital company is making use of Snapchat's features.

According to WSJ, Google is developing a content system by the name of Stamp that will resemble Snapchat's Discover feature. Working in conjunction with Accelerated Mobile Pages, the stories will also be swipeable and display the same text, videos and imagery. This will allow Google to further engage users with media outlets via interactive content on the AMP system, keeping mobile users interested in Google services. Google has been reaching out to publishers such as CNN, Time Inc., and the Washington Post, which will also benefit from having their bite-sized magazine content on multiple channels.

It is not yet clear where exactly Stamp will live, but by creating mobile centric, fast loading and engaging content on the leading search engine, Google can control the ads they display within the content, appeal to the Snapchat user base in the way they consume content, and also stave off competition with Facebook's Instant Articles feature that keeps users on the platform as they can search for news and entertainment within the social network.

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