Saturday, August 12, 2017

Microsoft vs. Snapchat

Recently, Microsoft has completely revamped the look of its video calling software "Skype" and loaded it with several cool features which makes it very similar to other picture/video sharing social media networks like SanpChat. Skype now allows a user to publish videos/photos which will be available for one week (vs. SnapChat's 24 hours) and is only visibile to people who follow you rather than all your contacts. Also, an individual's followers/contacts can comment on your posted photos/videos similar to Facebook. This can be viewed as a significant step by Microsoft to compete with similar messaging platforms like snapshat, whatsapp, Facebook etc. 

Microsoft's push seems to be a testimony for increase in the demand for sharing videos/photos instantly with your family and friends. These technologies help to user to visualize and are much more intimate than text messages. The adoption of this new Skype will heavily depend on the ease of operation and user experience which it will provide its customers. 

Will Microsoft's Skype be successful in breaking through as a popular social network? Only time will tell...


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